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Custom Postcards for Real Estate Agents

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Show your clients and prospects your success with Just Listed Postcards and Just Sold Postcards!

By using real estate just listed postcards and just sold postcards, you can keep your name in front of prospects and clients so they'll know you're active in the neighborhood. These cards act as excellent reminders of your services and continually prove to them that you're the agent to call when they are ready to buy or list.

You Don't Pay Until You Approve Your Proof!

Just Listed Postcards and Just Sold Postcards are available with standard ReaMark stock images, or you can fully customize the front and back to include the home you have listed or sold. Just Listed/Sold cards are also available as 4-up Laser Postcards.

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Just Listed/Just Sold - Stock
Postcards: Just Listed/Just Sold - Stock

These Pre-design Real Estate cards
are perfect when you do not want to
add a photo of the home. Over 50 Styles.
Order as few as 100 per style. FREE Proofs.
Just Listed/Just Sold - Custom
Postcards: Just Listed/Just Sold - Custom

Add 1-10 photos of the home(s) you are
listing or selling. Order as few as 350.
We'll professionally design the card
Market Updates
Postcards: Market Updates

Get listings by advertising the activity
of homes in a specific neighborhood.
FREE Design. We will do all the
work and email you a FREE Proof.
Open House
Postcards: Open House

Real Estate Open House Postcards
to announce your open house event.
Choose one of our designs
or we will design one for you.
EDDM Every Door Direct Mail
Postcards: EDDM Every Door Direct Mail

Click on card image on left
to view over 120 styles.

We can custom design one
JUST FOR YOU! Free Proofs.
The Extra Large 6.5" x 9" cards canít
be missed and you will receive huge postal discounts since you are
mailing neighborhood / carrier routes. (Postage as low as 22Ę ea.)
Self Promoting
Postcards: Self Promoting

We can design and print anything
you want. You will receive 2 FREE
proofs. You will not be charged
until you approve your proof.
Call 800-932-2957 for questions.

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Order by Phone: (800) 932 - 2957
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