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Detroit Baseball Schedule

Delivery Available Mid February

SAVE up to 30% OFF ReaMark's Baseball Schedules

OPTION 1 - Peel-N-Stick Peel off the liner and apply your business card to magnet football schedule. Ships in 4 days. Allow 1-5 days for delivery. 

OPTION 2 - Magna-Card Rectangle Your info printed on a rectangle shaped magnet. No business card required. Prints in 5-7 days.

OPTION 3 - Magna-Card House Your info printed on a house shaped magnet. Prints in 5-7 days.

  • All Schedules for 2023
  • Peel-N-Stick minimum order is 100, increment of 100.
  • Magna-Card minimum order is 300, increment of 100.
  • 3-1/2" x 9" actual size
  • Mails First Class at 1 oz. rate
  • Fits in a standard envelope (not included).
#4705DTT - Peel-N-Stick Baseball
#4705DTT1533 - Baseball Magna Card-Business Card
#4705DTT2533 - Baseball Magna Card-House Shape

Real Estate Business Card Baseball Schedules

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